These hands are holding characteristic heads of the rare species of Georgian Zanduri wheat, Triticum timopheevii.

© Hannes Lorenzen

Seeds4All is a census platform aiming to give visibility to all European organisations that collect, enrich, produce, disseminate and sustainably use traditional and new varieties of seeds belonging to the public domain, freely reproducible and not genetically modified.

By presenting a broad range of organisations – NGOs, citizens' initiatives, businesses, formal & informal networks – as well as by exhibiting the number of cultivated plant varieties they keep, Seeds4All wishes to promote this emerging sector, while creating a much needed space for common knowledge and experience sharing.

Seeds4All hopes to become a medium facilitating access to information about seed-swaps and market development opportunities in Europe; as well as to demonstrate how rich and diverse are the kinds of initiatives dedicated to preserve agrobiodiversity and how they can learn from each other, in order to grow and be spread everywhere.


The contagious joy and determination they show when defending their work and purpose

The punchy pedagogic material they share for free on their website

The interactive and playful movbile seed bank they built to share siversity and knowledge

The success of a small-scale, volunteer-run organisation with BIG IDEAS!

The 30 London-grown plant varieties they keep!

The Seeds4All platform is meant to grow thanks to the input of the seed distributors themselves.

The criteria to comply with...

  • Being an organisation geographically located in Europe (not necessarily within the European Union).
  • Being committed to the promotion, protection and enhancement of agrobiodiversity.
  • Dealing with material belonging to the public domain, freely reproducible and not genetically modified.

If you run or take part in an organisation that meets these principles, you are very welcome to feature it and to contribute to the inventory!

The Agricultural and Rural Convention for 2020 (ARC2020) and the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity (EC-LLD)

support the vision and the development of the Seeds4All initiative that will help to multiply opportunities for cooperation between biodiversity keepers and to highlight the extent of their commitment, which has been legally insecure for too long.

Let's Liberate Diversity On Air

A virtual living room to talk and learn about seed diversity

The EC-LLD is organizing a cycle of webinars with different topics related to Community Seed Banks, aiming to increase skills and capacities on seed legislation and policies

Online Seed Policy Workshop

The upcoming reform of the European seed marketing legislation

Arche Noah will drive an online workshop on January 29th and 30th to discuss about the risks and opportunities of the reform for seed organisations' activities and seed diversity

Public consultations opened til Nov. 20th

European Commission's prep-work for the reform of the seed marketing legislation

Several surveys have been published online to gather experiences and expectations of stakeholders involved in the movement of seeds and other plant reproductive material.

Hobby gardeners and seed distributors are welcome to answer some questions to give their view about seed exchanging and using!