AN ACTION project to highlight

and experience cultivated biodiversity

Seeds are the first input to be taken into account in the implementation of an effective agro-ecological transition.

To date, following more than sixty years of restrictive legislation on the marketing of seeds at the European level, a very limited number of "high-yielding" plant varieties and breeding materials are available on the EU market and most are protected by intellectual property rights held by a few large multinational seed companies.

This situation has led to a growing dependence of farmers, market and amateur gardeners on the seed industry, while causing a radical erosion of crop biodiversity in our fields and on our plates.

In this context, Seeds4All aims to give voice & visibility to European actors contributing to scaling-up agrobiodiversity.

Together with many other European and national organisations, Seeds4All is committed to promoting and valuing initiatives for the cultivation, exchange, marketing and use of traditional and new public domain, freely reproducible and non-GM seed varieties.

By identifying and sharing the experiences and expectations of field operators, showcasing the beauty and benefits of resilient crop varieties, and providing spaces for peer learning and experimentation, Seeds4All wishes to contribute to strengthening the alternative seed sector and improving access to agrobiodiversity for all.

main partners

Seeds4All is a project led by the Agricultural and Rural Convention for 2020 (ARC2020).

Founded as a platform for NGOs active in the field of sustainable farming and rural development, ARC2020 has become a hub for policy analysis, ground research and networking whose main objective is to build bridges and links between the local and the European, the political decision-makers and the citizens.

Seeds4All and ARC2020 have joined the Global Bean Project, which promotes the cultivation, use and consumption of legumes as a necessary step to achieve agroecological transition.

To date, it brings together more than 50 partner organisations around a long-term programme including: seed exchange, show gardens, cooking events, monthly lectures and network meetings, a knowledge hub and plenty of information and motivating media.

The European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity (EC-LLD) supports the vision and development of the Seeds4All project, which will help to multiply opportunities for cooperation between agrobiodiversity keepers and to highlight the extent of their commitment, which has been insecure for too long.

Gathering 14 national seed saving organisations from accross Europe, the EC-LLD aims at encouraging, developing and promoting the dynamic management of crop diversity on farms and gardens.