Cycle en Terre is a cooperative producing and selling organic grains from the public domain.

It was created in 2016 from the initiative of Fanny Lebrun, with the support of Bruno Greindl and Damien Van Miegroet.

Located in Havelange, the cooperative employs 5 people, is administrated by a 5 people board, and gathers a community of a hundred co-operators, seed producers, farmers and sellers all over Belgium.

Cycle-en-Terre Cooperative

Cycle-en-terre’s preoccupation is to promote food autonomy through seed production, in a country that produces very few varieties adapted to local conditions and/or suitable for organic production.

The cooperative owns several hectares of land in Buzin, on which are cultivated vegetable plants, from seed varieties bought to different suppliers such as Kultursaat (Germany).

The final activity of the cooperative is to provide seeds from organic and reproducible varieties, to Belgian non-professional users.

Cycle en Terre undertakes the entire seed production process: growing plants, collecting, selecting, sorting, drying seeds, conducting germination tests, and marketing seeds throughout Belgium.

Cycle-en-terre's will to reclaim seed production ancestral know-how and contribute to the protection of agro biodiversity, comes with the mission to share knowledge and competences with seed users.

The cooperative organizes workshops and training programs about the multiplication and growing of local seeds.  

These initiatives gradually strengthened Cycle-en-terre’s network, allowing the organisation to enrich its seed collection, through gatherings and seed exchanges.  

Seed collection

In its 2020 catalogue, the organisation detains around 180 organic and local seed varieties of vegetable, aromatic plants and flowers. 

How to get seeds?

You can find Cycle en terre’s seeds in a hundred sale points in Belgium, mostly in the Wallonia region. A list of its partner stores is available on the Cycle-en-terre's website.


It is also possible to order seeds on the Cycle-en-terre online shop.


The organisation sends packet by post or customers can come and pick-up the orders on-farm, in Havelange, during weekdays only and by appointment.


Four price categories have been established for seeds packets: 2,45 €, 2,95 €, 3,45 € and 4,45 €


The average amount of seeds in a packet is enough to grow a large and diversified vegetable garden for a family of 4 people. 

How to join or support the organisation?

Supporting Cycle-en-terre's activities starts by buying its products for your own garden and sharing its commitment to your own network.

Anyone can choose to support the organisation by becoming a co-operator, as a physical person or corporation. 

To do so, it is required to fill an online formThe minimum contribution is 150 € a year.

Anyone can also make a donation to the organisation, without any conditions required, to support its development.