Semailles is a family seed company which started its activities in 2000, in Faulx-les-Tombes, near Namur.

The company was created by Catherine Andrianne and is specialized in the production and marketing of seeds from traditional and reproducible varieties, with a specific focus given to the research and development of locally adapted varieties (Belgium and North of France).

Semailles Seed Company

During the second half of the 20th century, the craftsman-seed profession completely disappeared in Belgium.

Semailles was the first national organization to advocate for the re-discovery of regional varieties of seeds by conducting different projects for the promotion of old vegetable varieties attached to cross-border territory (Belgium and North of France).  

As the demand for regional varieties increased, Semailles offered to train market gardeners to the multiplication of seeds, in order to set up a larger group of local producers. Currently, a dozen Belgian and French market gardeners have joined Semailles' Group of Seed Producers. 

The company has already managed to save around forty Belgian varieties and more than eighty French varieties. 

In 2017, Semailles launched a project in collaboration with the Réseau Meuse-Rhin-Moselle, Hortiforum and the House for Citizen Seeds of Nature & Progrès, to create, gather and collect descriptive sheets for Belgian and French heritage seed varieties.

In addition to the work of promoting local and traditional seed varieties of seeds, Semailles supports cooperation and works with other European artisanal seed companies, exchanging products, good practices and joining efforts to change agricultural production patterns.

Semailles produces and sells peasant seed varieties, open-pollinated, free of rights and reproducible.

The company selects the varieties to produce, depending on their flavour, rusticity and adaptibility to organic production. 

The enhancement of local populations contributes to regional agricultural autonomy and food sovereignty. Gardeners and peasants can reproduce their seeds and be proactive in the regeneration of a local seed sector.  

Semailles produces no F1 hybrid types varieties nor any genetically engineered or modified varieties. 

Seed collection

Semailles currently detains and sells around 700 different varieties, of which 250 are produced in Belgium. All of these varieties are certified organic.

The company mostly sells seeds of vegetables, ornamental flowers and aromatic herbs but also some organic plants, like strawberry plants, garlic plants, potato plants, etc. You also can find among its products, natural fertilizers and different kind of material for organic gardening.

How to get seeds?

Customers can find Semailles' products in various sale points, like organic shops and cooperatives, all over Wallonia and in the region of Brussels.

It is also possible to order seeds online. Orders are send in Belgium and Europe. If you want to discover Semailles' activity and team, you may prefer to come directly to the store located in its lands at Faulx-Les-Tombes.

How to join or support the organisation?

Farmers, seed producers or sellers, can contact the organization to become a partner. The organization offers no membership policy.