La Red de Semillas española Resembrando e Intercambio - Spanish network for re-sowing and exchanging seeds - gather the Spanish ecosystem dedicated to save peasant seed varieties and oppose to the continued loss of genetic resources within Spanish agriculture.

Initiated in 1999, the network promotes and boosts the recovery of local seed varieties, adapted to the specific soil and climate conditions of Spain's different regions. The organizations and farmers belonging to the network are involved in the production, multiplication, collection, conservation as well as dissemination of seeds, from traditional and reproducible varieties.

La Red de semillas española Resembrando e Intercambio, is a member of the European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity!

La Red de semillas Resembrando & Intercambio

Functioning as a national coordination structure, the network brings together 20 local seed networks that handle seed multiplication and dissemination.

Saving local and traditional varieties of seeds is primarily done by these local networks in their own areas, through the recovery of farmers’ know-how, improvement of local plant heritage and use of local agricultural varieties, that have been passed down over the years and are reproduced on-farms.

The RdS’ main mission, as a national coordination, is to carry out political activities and provide information on agricultural biodiversity and genetic erosion as well as their interdependence to organic farming.

The RdS is also committed to launch lobbying or campaigning actions, with the aim to unravel the complex legislation on seeds, at national, European and international levels, and ascertain its effects on farmers.

It is founder of the European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity and regularly participates to international gatherings.

The RdS organizes its own annual meeting as well, the Cultivated Biodiversity Fair, to promote local cultivars, facilitate farmers’ experience sharing and run debates around the major stakes for Spanish and European agriculture.

Local seed networks belonging to the RdS are listed on its website.

Seed collection

All the local projects and networks related to the RdS, manage their own Community Seed Banks. No seeds are for sale but to exchange between members, and with outsiders of the organization. Thousand of cultivated plant varieties are currently being maintained and use amont the network.

La Red de Semillas Resembrando e Intercambio does not coordinate a database gathering all the varieties kept by its members but you can reach the website of each local seed networks for more information. 

How to get seeds?

To get traditional and local varieties of seeds from a specific region of Spain, it is recommended to directly contact the right regional organization. 

Contact information can be found on the RdS website.

How to join or support the organisation?

La Red de Semillas Resembrando e Intercambio do not offer membership policy. 

To meet members of the network and their activities, people are welcome to join the fairs. 

It is also possible to make donations to support the organization. More information on its website.