Semillas Vivas is an Iberian company exclusively dedicated to the production and marketing of high-quality organic and biodynamic seeds from open-pollinated varieties, intended to final consumers, professional farmers, nurseries and shops.

It is related to the Portuguese project Sementes Vivas, founded in 2015 by Stefan Doeblin, Paulo Martinho, Micha Groenewegen, Bettina Gerike and an international team of experts, with the support of Demeter international.

This team is operated in Spain since 2017, owning a land in Badajoz, in the Estremadura region.

Semillas Vivas

Semillas Vivas produces and sells all types of seeds, from flowers and herbals' varieties to horticultural products and green manures.

It is contracting demeter and organic certified farmers to multiply the seeds. The processing, packaging, storage and distribution is done by the company, on its land of Badajoz.

Semillas Vivas' seed production is 100% organic and biodynamic, certified by the EU-BIO legislation and by the European organisation Demeter, which is even more restrictive and specific to obtain.

This ensures the company's customers that it is making every effort to develop agricultural practices that promote a close cycle on its farm, reducing the purchase of inputs from outside.

Every year, several batches of the production are being controlled in the testing fields, in order to keep checking the germination rates, quality and uniformity of the varieties kept and improved over the years.

100% organic also means that the company is actually using real organic seeds, which is very rare in organic agricultural production.

Indeed, more than 80% of organic farmers and gardeners have to use conventional seeds, just because the varieties they want are not available on the organic seed market.

This is one of the reasons why the commitment and work of Semillas Vivas is essential to defend and support, but also to promote as widely as possible.

So that, from the exchange of expertise, a multitude of similar projects will emerge, and European organic production will gain in quality and sustainability.

Seed collection

Semillas Vivas' seed collection contains 246 different varieties.

This wide range of modern and traditional seed varieties is made for both professionals and “hobby farmers”.

Customers can benefit from the publication of two catalogues: one for professionals and one for amateurs.

Semillas Vivas also provides different packets sizes: small individual packages for private gardens as well as bigger seed quantities for farmers.

Semillas Vivas' seeds are primarily produced for Southern Europe but can be sent all over the world.

How to get seeds?

Semillas Vivas seed production is commercially available on its website.

How to join or support the organisation?

Semillas Vivas offers no membership policy to particulars as it is a private shareholder company.

People can donate money for plant breeding the non-profit project lead by the same team and called Lebende Samen.

It is possible to join the farm as volunteers. Do not hesitate to contact the company for such opportunities!

And of course, you can support Semillas Vivas' work by buying and promoting its products!