Föreningen Sesam is a non-profit association committed to preserve the Swedish diversity of kitchen garden and field plants through knowledge-sharing, education and awareness.

Föreningen Sesam is part of the European 'Community Seed Banks' movement.

Föreningen Sesam

Föreningen Sesam is primarily dedicated to Sweedish unprofessional gardeners, looking for varieties that are not available on the market.

Its main purpose is to encourage people to home-growing seeds, organizing seed sharing events and promoting seed dissemination.

The association gives classes and talks about seed saving actions and home-growing, sometimes in collaboration with Swedish museums and other associations.

Föreningen Sesam also believes in cooperation when it comes to experience sharing and networking with seed banks, seed companies, international seed saving organisations or any kind of local associations preserving heirloom varieties in cultivation.

Members of the association don’t have to grow and share plants from old varieties. What remains important is to foster the diversity of genetic resources, meaning that all varieties have to be sown and propagated.

However, Föreningen Sesam’s reproduces its own seeds, giving priority to the most ancient and particularly endangered varieties.

Some of Föreningen Sesam's varieties do not exist in other seed banks.

There is no public information regarding its seed collection.

Föreningen Sesam doesn’t sell but only share seeds with its members, mostly in Sweden.

To get more information, you can contact the association.