The European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity!  (EC-LLD), is an  international,  non-profit organisation born in 2005 and formally created in 2012, with the main challenge to  encourage,  develop  and  promote  the dynamic management of  cultivated biodiversity  on farms  and  gardens.  

Initially the agrobiodiversity movement was formed with the need to address seeds issues, and the meetings Let’s Liberate Diversity! aimed at the general public, citizens and professionals, to promote exchange between countries and raise awareness of the issue.

The registered office is in Belgium, while the operational headquarter is in Scandicci in Italy. To date, the organisation meets in annual assemblies, board meetings (5 representatives from the associations) and the Secretariat that organises the annual activities.

EC-LLD gathers members from 14 members from different European countries: the Scottish Crofting Federation (Scotland), Pro Specie Rara (Switzerland), Réseau Semences Paysannes (France), Red de Semillas “Resembrando e Intercambio” (Spain), Centro Internazionale Crocevia (Italy), Rete Semi Rurali (Italy), Dachverband Kulturpflanzen (Germany), SEED (Luxembourg), Aegilops (Greece), Réseau Meuse Rhin Moselle (Belgium) and the Irish Seed Savers Association (Ireland), Maghaz Association (Hungary), Arche Noah (Austria), Elkana (Georgia), Quinta das Aguias (Portugal),

The European Coordination - Let's Liberate Diversity!

EC-LLD was initiated from the will to foster European cooperation around the need to bring back diversity within food systems, in a socially and economically way.

The network focuses on the promotion and development of peasant varieties of seeds, produced on organic and biodynamic farms.  

Its members share conviction in strengthening communication and collaboration between the different actors involved all along the food chain production, as well as supporting their work and amplifying their connections. Facilitating knowledge and experience sharing between farmers, seed producers and savers is at the core of EC-LLD's ambition. 

EC-LLD offers a methodology based on a horizontal approach, more efficient to collect everyone’s needs and competences to enhance agrobiodiversity. 

EC-LLD has developed two kinds of meetings to achieve its objectives. 

First one, called Let’s Cultivate Diversity, is more dedicated to the professional world of farmers, processors and practitioners, aiming to support knowledge sharing around crops and processing. It is usually organized in a farm, offering attendees the opportunity to visit fields, participate to technical workshops or tastings, as well as discover and benefit from the Community Seed Bank. 

Second one, called Let’s Liberate Diversity, primarily targets the civil society, seeking to raise awareness about biodiversity within agriculture. It annually takes place in a European city, offering conferences, seed exchanges, open and technical meetings, etc. Anyone can participate by registering to the event through EC-LLD’s website. 

Another important commitment of the network is to increase and build a policy and advocacy capacity in the European seed diversity movement thanks to the “Seed Policy Labs”.

Seed collection

The European Coordination does not directly have its own collection.

However, many of its members collaborate together in the Community Seed Bank Project, that aims to strengthen European CSBs initiatives.

How to get seeds?

During the 2 / 3 days of the LCD and LLD events, seed exchanges are organized by the network. Participants can bring their own seeds and exchange them in small quantities. The rules of the exchange are often shared by the association of origin.

How to join or support the organisation?

Membership is open to any organization that shares the values and objectives of the Coordination and being a Member means being part of the conversation and exchange (not only of seeds).

Formally the request must be done by:

  • Filling in the form
  • Sending it back to the Secretariat at
  • The request is forwarded to all ECLLD Members and unless there are any objections at the next General Assembly, the request is approved.
  • The annual membership fee is 50€.

Once you have become a Member of the ECLLD you will be able to:

  • Participate at the General Assembly (costs are covered by ECLLD)
  • Participate at the activities as a Member and receive the news (e.g. Sprouts from Brussels)
  • Propose project at your country level or being the host of an LLD / LCD Forum

Any kind of support to the association is welcome. Either as a financial donation through the site or as a donation of time as a volunteer during the year or during the Forums. It is also possible to carry out internships or thesis projects as part of ongoing projects.