Bingenheimer Saatgut AG is a company limited by share, marketing organic seeds from reproducible varieties.

It was created after the foundation in the 80’s of the “Initiative Group for Biodynamic Vegetable Seeds”, which had already launched the Kultursaat association. The company is currently working with 50 co-workers and 119 shareholders, representing organic agriculture, trade and processing.

Together with its many partners, it aspires to maintain the diversity of genetic resources for future generations, focusing on the urgent need to improve organic seed production in Europe.

Bingenheimer Saatgut

Bingenheimer Saatgut was founded to carry on the work started by the “Initiative Group for Biodynamic Vegetable Seeds”, and to strengthen the dissemination of high-quality and organic seeds throughout Europe.   

The company's philosophy is opposed to the patenting of plants and animals, as well as to new and old genetic engineering. On the contrary, it promotes the development of plant breeding methods that respect the principles of ecological farming, describing its mission as a work of mediation between the opportunities and limits of plant selection, seed production and the requirements of gardeners. 

In 2018, it organized its first ‘Variety Open Day’, with the will to strengthen the dialogue between customers, breeders and the health food trade, which is an important part of its business activity. 

88 market gardeners are producing seeds on behalf of the company.  

Bingenheimer’s seed range is made up exclusively of open-pollinated varieties. All Bingenheimer’s seed producers are certified by an organic organisation, such as Demeter, Bioland or the organic EU legislation. Some of the varieties are also bio-dynamically and ecologically cultivated, such as those developed by the Kultursaat breeders. 

The exact origin of each vegetable type is given by its catalogue, in order to provide transparent and trackable information to customers.

Customers also will find growing and breeding advice within the catalogue. Some seed varieties are indicated as especially made for the amateur gardeners, an important part of Bingenheimer’s customers, fundamentally contributing to the enhancement of genetic diversity.  

Seed collection

In its 2020 seed catalogue, Bingenheimer introduces nearly 500 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and green manures.

Following this link, you'll be able to consult the catalogue or to choose between downloading a PDF version / ordering a paper version.

How to get seeds?

Customers can find Bingenheimer’s seeds in a lot of healthy shops in Germany. The company markets its seeds all over the European Union through marketing partnerships with European organizations, like the Belgian firm Biosano which sells their products in Belgium and Holland. 

Occasionally, Bingenheimer sells products beyond the internal market through different partnerships.  

The company’s website is also used as an online shop, directed towards:

  • Commercial growers (market gardens and farms) ;
  • Consumers (amateur and backyard gardeners, schools, etc.) ;
  • Shops (100 mainly Demeter varieties presented in small seed packets / wooden display stands that can hold 42 or 84 different seed packets).

How to join or support the organisation?

Organic market gardeners or farmers prone to join the network, are invited to attend a meeting of the Initiative Group. To get information on the next meeting, you can visit the website or directly contact the organization by mail.

Anybody is welcome to join the company by becoming a shareholder or a member. More information on the website.