The Kultursaat Association is a non-profit charity founded in 1994 by organic farmers dedicated to the dissemination of open-pollinated seed varieties adapted to organic production.

The main purpose of the association is to promote the selection, multiplication and dissemination of varieties primarily made for professional organic farmers. Kultursaart currently has nearly 250 members – breeders, producers, hobby gardeners, resellers and consumers. 

Kultursaat E.V

The 18 breeders of the association are working on-farm in about 25 different places across Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Their farms range from less than 5 ha to over 100 ha. 

They create new organic seed varieties from non-hybrid traditional varieties that are commercially available, with a preference for organic ones. They then select and multiply it using only biodynamic methods.

Kultursaat breeders promote the in-situ conservation of the varieties created, which favors their co-evolution with agricultural practices. 

Kultursaat production is intended for all organic market gardeners in Western Europe and has contributed to the dissemination of dozens of non-hybrid varieties specifically made for organic agriculture.  

In 2020, some 90 Kultursaat seed varieties had been registered in the German official catalogue of cultivated species and plants.

Another 17 varieties are currently under registration procedures.  

In addition to their seed selection and multiplication activities, members are working on the development of new plant’s evaluation and selection methods. They study, for example, the influences of plant’s environmental characteristics on their development and resistance. They also use morphogenetic tests to qualitatively assess the plants obtained.  

The Kultursaat association is committed to strengthen knowledge and experience sharing between its members and breeders, by organizing meetings twice a year.  

How to get seeds?

The Kultursaat Association provides seeds to partner companies that take care of marketing; the major one being the Bingenheimer Saatgut German company, founded by the same “Initiative Group for Biodynamic Vegetable Seeds”. 

To obtain Kultursaat organic and biodynamic varieties of seeds, you can directly visit the Bingenheimer's online shop.

How to join or support the organisation?

Supporting Kultursaat’s work starts by buying their varieties of vegetables and plants.

It is also possible to make donations to the association as well as to become a member, for an annual fee of 65 € for a physical person / 500 € minimum for a corporation. 

Funding & money use?

Kultursaat's funding mainly come from private foundations support and multiplication licenses.

The association provides a financial support to its breeders for their selection activities and covers the procedures of registration in the German official catalogue as well as other legal obligations for new varieties. 

When breeders get their property rights, they transfer the income to the Kultursaat association. Indeed, varieties obtained can never be owned by individuals or private companies but are the collective property of the association.